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Personal Engagement

To Continue or To Stop

My endeavour is always demanding, however gratifying it may be. So the endless entropy of everyday life renders victories transient. There is no such thing as permanent success. There may be an ending and a turning elsewhere. But then how to decide that it is the end?

Before looking at stopping, let's look at what keeps me going with my endeavour. There is only one possibility: it must be something within me. No outside agency could possiblyClosed get me to do to myself what the endeavour does. Haven't you ever felt like that as a parent, or partner, or student, or investigator, or entrepreneur or whatever your current personal endeavour is?

I am Not Enough

But my inner sense of myself: my experience-RL4 is surely insufficient. It must be bolstered and the one bolster that is there for me whatever happens and whatever others say or do is the spiritual essence of RL7: Willingness. Whether manifested as hope, as patience, as trust, as love or as faith, willingness provides the essential inner support for me and for the endeavour that depends so much on me because it is mine.

This willingness need not be only mine: it may be provided in part for me by others who value my endeavour for their own reasons. I still experience it as support.

It is a mutual interaction: my experience-RL4, with all its inputs will provide me with experiences that either support willingness or erode it. 

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ClosedWhy «My Experience-RL4B» leads me to move on:

We now know why my endeavour continues: it is because of my deep personal engagement with it. An engagement which is driven by many factors, especially:

We also know why an endeavour ceases to be my endeavour. My willingness drops, my experience is altered, and support for the endeavour withers.

Originally posted : 13-Aug-2011

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