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The Dilemma in My Endeavours

My endeavour is a journey into the unknown. It succeeds to the degree that I pilot it well. Nobody can make my endeavour succeed for me. However, although my endeavour is up to me, I am not alone. One or more people may be essential, and many others may play minor parts. My endeavour might just affect my family or it may impact globally. Others who might be expected to be indifferent may assist my efforts from higher motives or selfish interests, or they may object and block me.

I have to recognize and deal with that social context. The presence of this context generates the core inescapable dilemma, or dynamic duality, that applies at every moment and at every level of an endeavour. It is: autonomy v constraint.

Autonomy v Constraint

Autonomy: To be sure, all endeavours flow from «my Will». There is definitely something within me that presses for action. I experience myself as free to choose within my personal limits (e.g. resources, capabilities). So my autonomy is intrinsic to any endeavour that I call «mine».  The existence of personal limits does not affect the reality of «my» autonomy. However, existential limits, like being a slave who is a chattel of another, would remove my autonomy.

Constraints:  I and my endeavour are in a social setting, in certain close relationships, in a physical environment, part of a culture, at a moment in history. Such social realities represent an undeniable constraint. These limitations are alien to me in the sense that I did not choose them, even if I may have brought some into being by my past choices. However they arose, I have to cope with social constraints, because they are intrinsic to my endeavours and I am inextricably involved with them.

The dynamic duality, autonomous v constrained, can be experienced and described in a wide variety of ways:

Autonomous Constrained
Personal Social
Chosen Accepted
Sovereign Dependent
Unconditioned Conditioned
Spontaneous Controlled
Natural Required
Internal External
Desired Coerced
Emergent Prerequisite
Self Context
Capabilities Limitations

Both poles are relevant to any endeavour, and over-emphasis on one pole will surely cause difficulties and distortions. Each Root Level must now be examined in turn. But if this Root Hierarchy follows the general pattern,
Closed then we will find that…


Originally posted : 13-Aug-2011

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