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«My» Endeavours

The next challenge is how the elements of any endeavour, mine or yours, hang together. I must ensure that all of my endeavours, even if never as perfect as my original conception—and they never are—remain worthwhile for me. The same applies to you and your endeavours.

REMEMBER: This framework looks at endeavour in the broadest possible way. Terms like «venture» or «project» might sound better in some cases. Whatever you call your personal efforts: they have recognizable goals, take time, and have beginnings and ends.
ClosedSo «endeavours» include:►

Specific forms of endeavour will be discussed in far more detail in the relevant Framework arising within a deeper part of THEE.

For example:

You should now be prepared to engage with the story of a very general model. Its generality means that you can make the model wholly personal. To do this, use your own experience and imagination to flesh out «My Story» with examples that bring it to life for you.

Originally posted : 13-Aug-2011

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