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From Willingness to Action

You have your endeavours, and I have mine. This framework seems to demand use of the first person singular, so I will think of my personal endeavour. Remember: We are not restricting ourselves to work or employment:Closed  we are considering anything that a human being may aspire to do or be.

ClosedTHEE Principle

Downward Transitions

The natural way for me to think of my endeavour is to start from Willingness-RL7 and move toward Action-RL1. It is easy to imagine being willing to engage in some endeavour without being quite sure as to what and how. (It is harder for me to imagine acting without any mental superstructure: but see below.)

RL7: Willingness RL6: Purpose
Willingness is vital or I will never start thinking or stir from my easy chair. But alone it does nothing without some rationale, ideal, direction or goal that really means something for me.

Note that if I create a purpose, it is a self-defining act because I have to subordinate myself to that intrinsically impersonal purpose (even if it is, say, for my self-development).

Links between levels in the Root Hierarchy "My Personal Endeavour" showing the progress from transcendence to actualization.

RL6: Purpose RL5: Communication
I know my values and goals, but the potential endeavour involves or affects others. I can only progress it if I articulate it well and then explain it and talk about it with others.

My communications are not simply what I say or write. My behaviour, demeanour and specific actions often speak louder than words. So I have to pay attention to my conduct in my relationships and possibly in public too.

RL5: Communication RL4: Experience
Rushing to pursue an endeavour as described to others—even with their agreement, support and advice—is dangerous. It's my endeavour and there are risks for me: relational, reputational, financial, physical, psychological, career-based &c.

My inner sense of myself and my anticipation and mental preparation for situations generated by the endeavour is my only protection—from myself and from my goals.

RL4: Experience RL3: Change
The moment has come to plunge in—but into what? An ever-changing profusion of interpersonal and social processes, practical and physical obstacles, political and technological forces and hazards. I cannot proceed until I can envisage an achievable stable end-state.

Here is where it becomes evident whether my conceptions have any practical validity.

RL3: Change RL2: Inquiry
The multiplicity of issues surrounding the endeavour and the needed change call out for clarification and resolution through inquiry.

As the process unfolds and is checked, conviction and credibility develop within you. If the endeavour is cooperative, others, who may wonder whether to participate, become more likely to join.

RL2: Inquiry RL1: Action
Testing and inquiring now reduce the risks and provide indications as to appropriate actions in relation to problems or opportunities. Without a flow of action, no endeavour can be sustained.

The endeavour-conception is already actualized, but the flow of action that sustains the actualization depends on my continuing personal determination to deal with the daily grind. This, in turn, is based on the value of the endeavour to me. When that value dissipates, the endeavour (or my part in it) ceases.

Having reached this point, is there any further requirement for endeavour? It seems not. Is there an alternative order?Closed If you think so, propose and explain a different order.

Upward Transitions

The upward transition does not seem so natural because personal action-RL1 without any psychosocial superstructure is so puzzling. But it is possible to create an explanation that makes some sense (perhaps).

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