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Actualization of Potential

Transcendence. If this notion puzzles you, then first check it here.

The Hierarchy of Personal Endeavour-RH lends itself to division into an upper part dealing with the «creation of my endeavour», a transcendent state in which potential is developed; and a lower part «pursuit of my endeavour» which is about actualization of that potential. More:Closed  The creation is «higher» than the pursuit in the sense that it governs pursuit. However «creation» of an endeavour demands «pursuit», otherwise it is pointless. So transcendence and actualization are both part of the same thing: personal endeavour.

Creating an Endeavour

Links between the various levels in the Root Hierarchy, also showing the internal duality of Trasncendence and Actualization.

The upper three Levels are about the creation of my endeavour:

RL7: Willingness has no bounds and so determines transcendence.

Willingness entails a readiness to engage in endeavour includingClosed perceiving realities and acting on them as the endeavour evolves and its ramifications fill our consciousness.

RL6: Purpose provides structure and direction to guide transcendence.

Purpose entails a readiness to be responsible forClosed what is important in our endeavour and exactly how and why it is being pursued.

RL5: Communication sustains transcendence as a social reality.

Communication entails a readiness to perceive, affirm and explain bothClosed the intended endeavour, the relevant realities and what will be done. Yet nothing tangible has been created. If something is created and we stop talking about it, then it rapidly ceases to exist in psychosocial reality.

Why Persist?

The central Level is RL4: My Experience. This provides the tools (i.e. taxonomic elements) to assess and govern essential judgements, both in regard to endeavour creation at higher levels and endeavour pursuit at lower levels. Looking upwards, we use intuitions and feelings to assess the potentials of transcendence. Looking downwards, we use them to appraise the results of actualization.

Pursuing the Endeavour

The lower three Levels are about the pursuit of my endeavour:

RL3: Change indicates the required stable end-state (or meaningful sequence of identifiable states), and so determines actualization.

Change entails an engagement with forces and conditionsClosed —personal, interpersonal, social and physical—that exist in the environment where the endeavour is established, develops and endures.

RL2: Inquiry provides the checks, information, calculations and analyses that guide actualization.

Inquiry entails testing conjectures aboutClosed the realities and gaining knowledge directly relevant to the endeavour and its pursuit.

RL1: Action engages empirical realities with the view to maintain the purpose of the endeavour and sustain actualization.

Action entails interacting physically with the environment Closed so as to modify it in accord with reasons that can all be traced back to the guiding purpose. If action stopped, the endeavour would crumble in empirical reality.


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