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Transcendence is Easy

One Simple Thought

Don't let yourself be mystified by transcendence or think it is about something rarefied or only possible for unusually gifted souls.

Transcendence can be activated by one short sentence: ClosedClick to see it.

There are innumerable "it"s and "this"s which would be better off if someone turned their imagination and their energy to them.

Bottom Line: Transcendence is open to everyone. It's is simply a matter of using the appropriate elements within will.

The endeavour framework is the prototype of THEE frameworks that show how the spiritual dimension can be brought, level by level, into the temporal dimension.

Meaning of the Term

Transcendence means «going beyond»—nothing more nor less. It commonly implies that one's personal self is left behind (i.e. self-transcendence). That meaning fits this Framework of personal endeavour perfectly well.

What about selflessness?Closed Selfless activity appears to be a genuine phenomenon. Persistent selflessness, named self-renunciation, is a special and rare form of human existence, not an endeavour as such.

What about self-actualization?Closed This is the other half of the duality: transcendence v actualization in relation to the self. So self-actualization is an endeavour to make actual a particular transcendent potential—in this case the self's potentials.

THEE itself is a «transcendental system», because it is not tied to specific concrete examples or the limitations of any historical moment. Philosophers might perhaps label it: «transcendental realism».

ClosedMore specialized meanings:

We think of transcendence as positive—or at least neutral. But that is a matter for each of us. Freedom exists in the universe: and you can choose to do harm or to release evil.

Actualization is Hard

When you possess an indefinable willingness to take on something—perhaps a different challenge or a new project, or when you want to do what you see others doing—it is all rather vague. You just know that the time has come for you «to do something».

The Root Hierarchy can be divided into a Transcendence part agove, an Actualization part below, and these are mediated via EL4-Experience.

At some point you see what needs to be done and determine that it is indeed for you. (If you are self-actualizing, then it may well be «what you were born for».) In any case, what is the result?

Whatever is to be done is not you. It is something impersonal, however great your interest in it. Remember: there is no endeavour yet. There is only a potential (for an) endeavour: a dream. And if there is to be an actual endeavour, then you must submit to that potential, to that dream.

The most important and utterly impersonal aspect of the potential is the purpose that you have selected. That purpose, its relevant values and its more concrete objectives, now take charge. Self-transcendence occurs to a greater or lesser degree according to your creative charge.

Transcendence may be easy: but actualization is hard.

As you become clearer in your mind, you shape, define and guide the transcendent state using your freely chosen personal goal, other Levels in the Root Hierarchy, and your capacity for awareness. In other words, you are in charge via RL4-Experience: see the diagram.

Originally posted : 06-Jul-2011

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