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Superstructure for Doing

«The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.» Wittgenstein


The goal is to get a fix on what the Root Levels are about when treating them as simple unitary entities. (In this section, we want to avoid seeing them as «realms» emanating numerous complicated systems of elements.)

There is not much to say. Yet these 7 simple everyday phenomena provide the basis for an interesting and surprising journey.

See the background for each Root Level considered as a realm of endeavour.

The foundation of the Root hierarchy is RL1-Action, only briefly noted below as a reminder. The endeavour's action-superstructure consists of:

Here is an overview of basic findings.
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Action: RL1

Action-RL1 involves other people directly or indirectly and also the physical environment. So it is a socio-physical engagement with an end in mind. When someone acts, i.e. proceeds practically to produce results, there is actualization i.e. your psychosocial reality and the environmental reality inter-penetrate. This inter-penetration is the source of difficulties in Action-RL1. The costs of action are the resources that are used (especially time), and the benefits are the results that are obtained. Read more.

Given that everything else in the superstructure is being handled,

► Why do we dismiss RL1-Action:Closed it’s too hard.
► Why do we activate RL1-Action:Closed it's feasible.

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Inquiry: RL2

Inquiry-RL2 exists to generate knowledge relevant to decision and action. Inquiry can assist at every stage of an endeavour. What do others think? How difficult is it?  What scheduling is possible? Is it worthwhile? How should I proceed? What external input might be required?  What is the financial cost? What about other costs? How long must I allow? And so on.

Closed Q: What does Inquiry spin out to when organized as Work?

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Change: RL3

The function of change-RL3 is to maintain a good fit of the endeavour to the relevant environments while you act and create worthwhile outcomes. At the base of change-RL3, lies the need to preserve an identity that can develop. This need may be experienced in various ways: a fear of change, an inner dissatisfaction, competitiveness, ambition. Deliberate action needs to produce a flow of changes in the sense of progressively stable states of the evolving endeavour.

Closed Q: What does Change spin out to when organized as Work?

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Experience: RL4

The function of experience-RL4 is to use inner states as a reference gauge for evaluating the environment and higher and lower level phenomena. Gaining relevant experiences is therefore significant for success in our endeavour. Inner experience provides warning signals most immediately via emotions (e.g. fear warns of danger. anger of frustrated wishes) and then generates thoughts and intuitions. It is also essential for attuning to others so as to appreciate their feelings and to position yourself in the relationship.

Closed Q: What does Experience spin out to when organized as Work?  

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Communication: RL5

The function of communication-RL5 is to create the endeavour as a social object, and express and receive messages about it so that it can become actual. Language, verbal and non-verbal, must be used in a way that effectively asserts and engages relevant phenomena. The primary requirement is to discriminate things that need particular attention, or that might otherwise be confused or missed.

Closed Q: What does Communication spin out to when organized as Work?

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Purpose: RL6

The function of purpose-RL6 is to determine the direction, structure and responsibility in relation to an endeavour. Purpose is therefore the identity core of any endeavour. It is particularly emphasized by those who see themselves primarily as «social beings». Almost anything in the lower 5 Root Levels may be justified so long as the originating purpose remains intact. Purpose shows up in many ways: as expressed values, ideas, doctrines, beliefs, goals and objectives, and more.

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Willingness: RL7

The function of willingness-RL7 is to generate a positive disposition that sustains your engagement despite the trials and tribulations intrinsic to any worthwhile endeavour. When we see others re-organize their lives, advance themselves or achieve in some tangible way, our willingness is activated. Willingness is required in everyday life: to speak up, to join a group, to fight your corner, to trust others, to learn a new language and more. It also manifests as a wide range of potentially demanding but worthwhile inner states—including hope, faith, patience, and love.

Closed Q: What does Willingness spin out to when organized as Work?

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Having obtained a sense of what each Root Level is about in relation to any endeavour, it is worth checking that it is indeed a complete and holistic hierarchy. The alternative conjecture would be:Closed the 7 items are a «collection of factors», and perhaps there are more factors that have not been noticed.

We will be talking about transcendence:  if this terms puzzles or scares you, it shouldn't. Transcendence is easy: see for yourself. If you are OK with the term, consider the evidence for hierarchy.

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