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We are Here to Do

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Action is at the bottom of the Personal Endeavour Hierarchy-RH at L1. L1 in hierarchies is often assigned low status and treated as seemingly insignificant in the grand scale of things. Yet the whole hierarchy, and therefore all taxonomic elements, has no point or grip at all without action.

That fateful question "Why do we exist?"  can be answered with just
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Yet action (like all Level-1 entities) is but the means. The entire RH superstructure, indeed the whole of THEE, is about enabling our action-RL1 to be the «right action».

Inter-penetration of Worlds

Action-RL1 involves other people directly or indirectly and also the physical environment. So it is a socio-physical engagement occurring in time and at a place.

At the moment when you act to get a desired result, psychosocial reality and actual reality inter-penetrate. Actualization makes parts of the impersonal world your own. In turn, this empirical reality affects and alters, sometimes disrupts, your psychosocial reality. The end result is that both worlds are changed, for better or worse.

Reminder: ClosedEndeavour is not just «».work


So we see action all around us as activities that we know or presume are part of someone's endeavour to change things in a psychosocial world. If the endeavour is our own, we are deeply interested. If the endeavour is someone else's, our interest is likely to be minimal—unless we enter willingly or are forced into that person's psychosocial world.

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Action-RL1 often goes wrong in its own terms i.e. quite apart from higher level problems like confused purposes-RL6 or poor communication-RL5. Probably the commonest difficulties relate to:


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