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Transcendence and Actualization

The Human Condition

We now turn to what happens when you do something that is important for you.

It is simplicity itself, but we need two words that may make it sound as if it is complicated or mysterious: actualization and transcendence.

THEE proposes that the human condition is essentially about doing, doing in accord with purposes that we create and hold. That means doing as part of personal endeavours. Nothing unusual there.

This doing is where psychosocial reality impacts on actual reality i.e. the reality that is independent of our intentions and wishes.

Personal endeavour is therefore about the actualization of a potential. This potential resides mainly as an idea/purpose within my psychosocial world. Accessing and developing ideas and potentials (prior to doing) depends on the human capacity for transcendence.


Exploratory Inquiry

This Personal Endeavour Satellite will treat each level in the Root hierarchy as unitary. We can assume an intrinsic complexity of each Level while ignoring the details.

Is this assumption safe?Closed Those details matter very much for specialized activities, particularly when they involve groups or organizations. However, here we want to explore the system of highly personal frameworks that are the context for such activities.

The Root Complex

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Clarification of Basics

The first step is to restate the function and suggest the properties of each Root Level. This account will be simple in the extreme, because of the decision to ignore the internal complexities. Once we have a sense of the nature of each Level, we will re-check that the Levels do indeed form a hierarchy.

Having noted the function of each entity-level, a few other features will be considered:

Will is postulated to be the source of human energy. In deeper Frameworks, a Level may be «missing» and cause difficulties, but the Root Levels seem too fundamental to our existence to ever be wholly absent or their energy totally suppressed. However, we can observe the will manifesting as destructive energies released perversely.

Remember:  «Endeavour » in this Framework-Set has a much broader reference than «work».

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