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The Endeavour Hierarchy

THEE Note:  This is page is largely technical. The diagrams may help you orient yourself. You can skip to the substance.


The Root Hierarchy is about Endeavour-as-a-whole i.e. the 7 Levels of Endeavour form a framework that contains all other entities derived from the Will.  Put another way: the Hierarchy of Endeavour contains 7 distinct psychosocial realms through which the Will, and our humanity, manifests.

This means that:

This Table summarizes the realms and their function:

Formulae Realms of
the Will
Process Name Function within Endeavours
= PH7
Willingness Being Willing Sustaining a positive disposition to engage with actualities.
= PH6
Purpose Intending Determining direction and structure.
= PH5
Communication Communicating Asserting the nature of relevant realities.
= PH4
Experience Experiencing Using inner states as a reference gauge.
= PH3
Change Changing Fitting yourself and your endeavour to the environment.
= PH2
Inquiry Inquiring Getting knowledge relevant
to decisions.
= PH1
Action Doing Proceeding practically so as
to alter empirical reality.

Sharpening the Focus

There is an extraordinary complexity of structure hidden within the Root Levels. Each Level has the quality of a complex realm. In exploring the realm, the first step is to understand each Root Level via its emanation as a Primary Hierarchy. This makes it easier to work with the Root Levels themselves as unitary entities. You are less likely to get lost or confused by their more differentiated aspects, which belong deep within the Taxonomy.

You can use the Table of Contents to see and access posted frameworks found within realms defined by Primary Hierarchies.

The Hierarchy of Endeavour (RH) has its own complex structures, each with specific properties.
ClosedSee a picture with the current conjectures

The unique capability of emanating the Primary Hierarchies will not be examined: i.e. Primary Hierarchies and all structures that flow from them will be left for examination in other Satellites.
ClosedSee the picture of what is excluded ► 

Primary Hierarchies emanated by Levels in the Root Hierarchy

Categories for the Entity-Levels

It is rather obvious that the entity-levels within endeavour are very different. Nevertheless we need to formulate the most relevant differences as precisely as we can. Precision will allow us to discover and develop Root-derived Frameworks with a degree of confidence.

Here are examples of categories which should permit useful and unequivocal discrimination:

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