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Will: Conjectures

The Origin is a Unity

Will is a unity: in formula terms: R, representing the Root Cell. However oneness cannot be comprehended.

Will emanates the Hierarchy of Endeavour (formula: RH) and comprehension can then commence. Sometimes I refer to «creative endeavour» to emphasize that all human endeavour is truly creative. Will is utterly personal, and on the border of biology. Its first emanation must also be personal. So the full THEE-name for the Root Hierarchy is Personal Endeavour.

From the hierarchy that is born of the Origin, a myriad of manifestations flow, and these are all experienced and perceived as being «willed». «The human elements in endeavour» are all manifestations of will and personal endeavour. They must be accounted for and ordered within THEE.

ClosedWill in the Literature 


Will Energy

People appear to operate with two forms of will that have diametrically opposing qualities:

However, will-energy is probably neutral or positive, because bivalence contradicts unification. Bi-valence emerges with values (within RH-L6), which are definitely polarizing. Findings and conjectures in the Your Better Self series of frameworks support the idea of a single form of will-energy. But these are speculative conjectures.

Will cannot be absent or non-functioning until death, and the same probably applies to its components: the levels or realms of will. The inner complexity of each realm of the will unfolds as we use its specific energies. A person can function as if these levels were absent. In such case, the levels then present as harmful states.

This page contains the limits of conjectures made about Will to date. It is very difficult to say much with any confidence.

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