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Orientation to Endeavour

Personal functioning never ceases. Every moment of our lives we are doing something. Stopping doing is stopping living.

We focus on goals which define our endeavours: getting that first cup of coffee in the morning, going fishing with friends, completing a work project, figuring out a sudoku puzzle, helping a family member, developing a habit. Scientists seem to prefer studying reflexes and instinctive tendencies because of their uniformity but each of us is creative and unique in our efforts.

To be interested in endeavour is to be interested in ourselves. We are each our own life-project; no-one else can handle that for us. Endeavour is about living, working, relating, playing, thinking, seeking.

And everything occurs within a social environment. So the basic nature of Personal Endeavour is psychosocial. It comes from within ourselves and develops in a social context, with cooperation, indifference or opposition from those around us.

Originally posted: 27-Jan-2011. Last updated 14-Feb-2014.

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