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7 Methods of Mental Stabilization

The New Matrix

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L' Method
or Form of Existence
Core Stabilizer Personal Commitment Psychosocial Emphasis Sustaining Processes
L'7 Transpersonal
To embrace
life's spiritual dimension.
Faith To open oneself to union with humanity and the Cosmos. Experiencing ultimate values. Being guided & in harmony with the flow of events.
L'6 Social
To contribute purposefully. Participation To worthwhile projects for a group. Carrying responsibility. Organisation &
L'5 Relational To cultivate meaningful relationships. Attunement To recognize the needs and deeper qualities of others. Gratifying each other's wishes. Mutuality &
L'4 Individual
To maintain self-esteem. Respect To finding and realizing a «true self». Achievements and self acceptance. Self-assertion &
L'3 Emotional To have recognizable feelings. Attachment To value others in terms of exchanges of feelings. Care-giving, warmth and meeting needs. Containment, modification &
relocation of feelings
L'2 Vital  To keep fit. Concentration To physical strength, suppleness and bodily health. Feeling invigorated and exhilarated. Genuine exertion
via postures and movement.
L'1 Sensory To keep regular contact with others. Stimulation To membership of social circles and networks. Instigating unequivocally positive interactions. Attentiveness &
pleasurable sensuality.

Initial Summary

L'1: Sensory method: A person embeds themselves in a socio-physical milieu with a need for regular and frequent positive stimulation (like congratulations, welcoming cheers, approval, encouragement). Associated sensory pleasures in company are especially satisfying. A person presents as a receptive being dependent on activity to ensure the essential flows of contact and sensory gratification.

L'2: Vital method: A person identifies strongly with their body and seeks to keep fit and healthy. Existence is embedded in body structures, especially musculo-skeletal and visceral functioning. These demand regular controlled stimulation and activity for a sense of vitality. A person presents as a biological being possessed by instinctual functions and drives.

L'3: Emotional method: A person seeks attachments and embeds themselves in flows of feelings. Satisfaction comes from valuing others who play emotional roles that permit the containment of feelings, good and bad. A person presents with a sensitivity that is simultaneously mental and physiological.

L'4: Individual method: A person seeks autonomy while feeling embedded in a world of autonomous others. There is a preoccupation with self-esteem and a need for respect. Satisfaction comes from acceptance by others. A person presents with an authenticity based on an evolving self-concept and relevant self-images.

L'5: Relational method: A person embeds themselves in varied meaningful relationships based on constant attunement. Mutual recognition then allows for willing gratification of wishes. Inter-personal bonds are relatively strong and enduring. A person presents as a complete being whose individuality is manifested within and through relationships.

L'6: Social method: A person feels embedded in a particular society at a point in historical time. There is a drive to participate in appropriate groups by sharing values, pursuing purposes responsibly and heeding political sensitivities. A person presents the self as a holder of assigned and adopted roles, which are confirmed by relevant groups and wider society.

L'7: Transpersonal method: A person is preoccupied with spirituality and uses faith to feel embedded in the cosmos. Satisfaction comes from overcoming ego-based drives and self-based illusions so as ultimately to reach a state of union (non-duality). Awareness and moving with the universal flow is regarded as enlightenment. A person therefore presents the self as enlightened and/or as a soul seeking union with the Cosmos/God/void.

Are these so discrete?   Are they all stabilizing? Do they always stabilize?
Check your understanding here.

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