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Q-expansion Structures


Q-Hierarchies, are derived from a Q-expansion of a Principal Typology. It is the most captivating and complex form within THEE. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Q-Hierarchies are surprisingly obscure and difficult to discover and formulate. While hierarchies are not new in the literature, the Q-pattern has never been described before (to my knowledge).

Step 1:

Apply a Modal Hierarchy to convert a 7-level Principal Typology Hierarchy to a 28-level hierarchy of Types. The Modal Hierarchy is a set of 4 hierarchically ordered Styles relevant to operating each Type in the Principal Typology.

Each Typology appears to have its own distinctive Modal Hierarchy, and several have been provisionally named.

Step 2:

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Blank version of Q-expansion to form 28 levels from a 7 level Principal Typology

Form a set of Q-domains by taking all 4 Levels of one Type together with the lower 3 Levels of the next higher Type. The arrangement is cyclic. So the 7th combination requires 4 Levels from Type 7 to combine with the lower 3 Levels from Type 1. As a result, L5, L6, L7 of a lower Q-domain Hierarchy becomes L1, L2 & L3 respectively of the next higher Q-domain Hierarchy.

The result is:

49 Q-Hierarchies (and equal numbers of the associated forms) probably exist from the Primary Hierarchies. The number is only probable because …Closed just three of these have been developed in detail and sufficiently validated. It is assumed provisionally that the Root Typology lacks this expansion.

Levels in Q-Hierarchies (as discovered to this point) appear to possess a surprisingly intense identity-defining quality for a person. They seem to reflect powerful inner states determining the way that we live, work and relate. Exactly why this should be so is a subject for investigation in the Architecture Room.


ClosedState of Development

Other PH'5-Q• Frameworks have been investigated, especially PH'5-Q•3 dealing with new economy businesses, academic disciplines and organisation of research work.

See the currently conjectured Q-expansion.

ClosedState of Development

Originally posted: August 2009; Last updated 2-Feb-2014.

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