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Structural Corroboration

Using the Forms

Many THEE forms and processes have been identified so often, and validated so substantially, that they can be taken for granted and their properties used to validate.

Knowledge of THEE’s architecture allows relationships and interactions between entities to be predicted, clarified and tested. Structural features also help the process of refining names and formulations.

You may, for example: 

Example: Politics

Politics was investigated to demonstrate what can be achieved, given a challenge. I commenced the inquiry with rather obvious assumptions to get started. I then used the Principal Typology for making an ethical choice-PH'6 to reveal how a society’s political institutions matured. The distinctive trajectory of maturation-PH'6Chas a satisfying feel. It was a surprise to discover that it may be speaking to the current global situation.

Errors in the Typology, especially errors in its ordering, would have impeded or even blocked the discovery process. Alternatively, it is possible that awareness of a developmental necessity might have forced awareness of an earlier error and its correction. In this case, an error in formulation was identified.

Structural transformations were then used to produce 3 further Frameworks, each derived from the previous one, and therefore dependent in part on the clarity and accuracy of those earlier formulations. In these latter Frameworks, some of the initial assumptions and axioms (affirmed in order to get started) were clarified and illuminated. This finding seemed more akin to a corroboration than a tautology: judge for yourself. The inquiry process started from a Typology which then indicated:

Spiral structure for political maturation, which led directly to ...

Tree structure for determinants of political choice, which led to ...

Structural Hierarchy of political activities in social life, which led to ...

Tree structure for handling social tensions via politics.

Structural corroboration is a demanding requirement. But genuine inquiry is always painstaking. If something new has been discovered, then that newness needs articulating as clearly and as precisely as possible. In that way, a genuine contribution can be made to the progress of humanity’s awareness of itself.

Originally posted: August 2009; Last updated 2-Feb-2014.

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