Formulating: Criterion

The THEE database contains names and formulations. If someone typed in Criterion, then a large number of properties would be uncovered.

Here are the various names and the function.

Formal Name Internal Priority
Formula PH6-L3
System name Structured Set (of Internal Priorities), equivalent to 100% of resources available.
Duality names Over-riding Priority v Structured Set of Priorities
Alternative names political aim, criterion, priority, emphasis, issue, preference
Confusions policy : sPH6G22
Function A degree of emphasis among valid values or actions for immediate use.

The THEE terms are listed in grey. Substantive information relating to categories or the properties within those categories is in blue.

Principal Overviews:





Hierarchy features:

Groups in the structural hierarchy containing the Entity:

Strong Resonance:

Spiral: Not Applicable

Tree: Being intentional: Purposive processes in social life.

Centres: See Duality Names


Some Practical Applications:

Social bodies and their duties in relation to setting priorities

Priority-decision system

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