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One Word : Many References


Below are some of the ways that the term «policy» is used. None of them is the formal name used in THEE.

Important!! These ultra-brief examples may mislead. The reader must imagine correctly what is in the mind of those articulating &/or hearing the italicised statements. Function is not to be found in a verbal example, but in what those words mean for the individual(s) responsible—you can find that out by politely asking and observing. Nevertheless the form of each statement strongly points to a distinct function and hence variety of purpose.

The examples are ordered to reveal the hierarchy of purpose.

Alternative References

There are many other ways that the label policy has been used in practice. In THEE, the name policy is formally reserved for a compound purposive entity as shown below:

Internal structure of "Policy" showing its two levels: strategic objective (L2)  and internal priority (L3)

A policy (sPH6G22) is a combination of L3-internal priorities and an L2-strategic objective. This correspondence has been approved as reasonable and helpful in discussions with both politicians and top executives responsible for policies. Not any priority and strategic goal can be cobbled together: certain qualities (e.g. as shown on left of the graphic) are required to enable practicality and usefulness.

Originally posted: August 2009; Last updated 21-May-2010.

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