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Using Formulae

All the various hierarchies, Spirals and other structures that are used to map THEE entities are inter-linked in a highly specific fashion. This makes it possible to label each entity with a unique formula that locates it precisely in the total taxonomic system.

The taxonomic formula system offers several advantages over a natural language system:

The current system (v4.1: March 2008) with rules and guidance for its use is available here.



Similarity of formula of entities deep in the system (i.e. further from the Root Cell) may create a sense of similarity of essence. We seem to be dealing with a harmonic of some sort, that I have labelled resonance.

Resonance is equivalent to periodicity in the Periodic Table of the Elements. In THEE, we find that minor differences in formulae may mean similarity of quite distinct phenomena, often leading to confusion in practice.

Many of the natural language labels currently assigned in this website may be arguable, the functions will be poorly specified or wrong in some cases, and the properties will surely contain errors—but the formulae still refer precisely to entities that exist. (Of course, such formulae will be gobbledygook to anyone unfamiliar with the structure of the Taxonomy.)

See two examples of how very closely related notions can be allocated different taxonomic formulae that demand precise formulation clarifying the distinctions.

TOP Note: Changes have been required for new discoveries. The system of TOP formulae is v5.0 as of February 2016. It is provided here with rules and guidance for its use. Formulae on the website in frameworks and architectural analyses completed prior to 2015 are not yet updated.

Originally posted: August 2009; last updated 15-Jan-2011.

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