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Errors and Puzzles

This page is dedicated to some of the many mistakes and false turnings that have been taken. It serves as a constant warning against over-confidence.

Past Architectural Errors

ClosedTHEE hierarchies have only 5 Levels.

ClosedTHEE hierarchies have more than 7 Levels.

ClosedAll THEE hierarchies are the same.

ClosedThere are only 6 Q-hierarchies.

ClosedThe order of types generating the spiral is variable.

ClosedAll tertiary hierarchies generate structural hierarchies.

Unsolved Architectural Puzzles

ClosedInter-Framework Relations

ClosedInternal Structure of Groups

ClosedSecond-order Structural Hierarchies

ClosedAlternative Axes for Analysing Types

ClosedSpiral Quadrants

ClosedStandard Oscillating Duality

ClosedGeneric Conceptual Labels

Originally posted: August 2009; Last updated 15-May-2015.

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