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List of Posted Frameworks

This webpage provides a systematic listing of THEE Framework postings with links and some additional details. The order follows the Table of Contents and the main navigation menu. This document may be altered at any time.

Frameworks are listed here in groups within Satellites e.g. the Politics Satellite consists of 4 distinct Frameworks. There may be additional sections introducing and reviewing the material. All Satellites are always accessible from the main horizontal navigation bar: Explore > Satellites.

This list also includes draft material under development in the Frameworks Room of the TOP Studio: shown via blue cells. It does not include framework material that gets posted in the Architecture Room as part of scientific investigations.

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Satellite Framework Form Formula Applicability
Fundamentals of Will n/a R, RH and sequelae n/a
  Transcendence & Actualization Root Hierarchy RH Relevant for all.
  What My Endeavours Demand Tree RHK Relevant for all.
  Creativity in Endeavours Root Structural hierarchy RsH Relevant for all.
  Being Creative Tree RsHK Relevant for all.
Your Better Self Primal Quests
(Purposes of Life)
Root Typology RH' Relevant for all.
  Planes of Human Existence Root Typology (modified) RH'
Relevant for all.
  Sustaining Human Existence Tree RH'K Relevant for all.
  Primal Injunctions Root Tertiary Hierarchy RH" Relevant for all.
  Better Communal Existence Tree RH"K Relevant for all.
  Producing Goodness Structural Hierarchy RsH" Relevant for all.
  Bringing Goodness to Life Tree RsH"K Relevant for all.
Purpose & Value Book can be purchased here
or single Chapters are available
for free download.
See below. For all, especially in management and government.
  Purposes in Practice
Download Ch.3
Primary Hierarchy PH6: L1-L5 Relevant for all.
  Higher Values
Download Ch.4
Primary Hierarchy PH6: L6-L7 Relevant for all.
  Values & Groups
Download Ch.5
Primary Hierarchy PH6 Relevant for all.
  Ethical Choice
Download Ch.6
Principal Typology PH'6 Relevant for all, especially philosophers.
  Realizing Values
Download Ch.s 10 & 12
Structural Hierarchy PsH6 Relevant for all.
  Being Intentional
Download Ch. 14
Tree PH6K Relevant for all.
  Classifying Organizations
Download Ch.11
n/a   For social scientists and management consultants.
  Natural Moral Institutions
Download Ch.7
Tertiary Hierarchy PH"4 Relevant for all.
  Setting Ethical Rules
Download Ch.8
Tertiary Hierarchy PH"6 Relevant for all.
  Accommodating Ethical Authorities
Download Ch.9
Structural Tertiary Hierarchy PsH"6 Relevant for all.
Politics Orientation
to Politics
n/a n/a n/a
  Maturation of Political Institutions Spiral PH’6C Relevant for all, but political change is not controllable.
  Determinants of Political Choice in Society Tree PH’6CHK To society, families, organizations and geopolitics.
  Participating in Political Life within a Society Structural
PH’6CsH To organizations, religious orders and international politics.
  Handling Tensions within a Society Tree PH’6CsHK For all members of all societies.
for Benefit
Mentalities for Interacting Subsidiary
PH’6Qt4 For all. Relevant to many social situations.
  Generating Benefits TET PH’6Qt4 Relevant to many social situations.
  Career Development Spiral PH’6QC4 Personal growth, management dvlpt, teamwork, leadership.
  Cooperating for Results Tree PH’6QHK4 For organizations, individuals and government agencies.
  Developing a Commercial Ethos Spiral Application of PH’6QC4 People in business.
  Profitability Strategies Tree Application of PH’6QHK4 Business and marketing.
  Government Intervention in the Economy Tree Application of PH’6QHK4 Helps understanding a government's arguments and errors.
Communication Orientation to Communication n/a n/a n/a
  Fundamental Elements Primary
PH5 To be developed.
  An Intentional Expression Tree PH5K Relevant for communication experts
  Ways to Use Language Principal Typology PH'5 Relevant for all
Experience & Individuality Orientation to Experience Primary Hierarchy PH4 Relevant for all
  Stabilization Methods Principal Typology PH'4 Relevant for all
  Strengthening a Self Spiral PH'4C Relevant for all
  Determinants of Individuality Spiral Hierarchy PH'4CHK Under development
Inquiry Orientation to Inquiry   RL2 Relevant for all.
  Elements of Inquiry Primary Hierarchy PH2 For inquirers
  A Considered Analysis Tree PH2K For scientists and other researchers.
  Making Discoveries Structural Hierarchy PsH2 For scientists and other researchers.
  Research Methods Principal Typology PH'2 For scientists and other researchers.
  Strengthening Conjectures Spiral PH'2C For scientists and other researchers.
& Achieving
Orientation to Deciding & Achieving n/a n/a Relevant for all
  Paths of Decision and Action Principal
PH'1 Many uses &relevant to everyone at work
  Strengthening Management Culture Spiral PH'1C Relevant to all working within organizations, especially the leaders.
  Organizational Achievement Tree PH'1CHK Relevant to all working within organizations.
  Expectations of Employment Structural Hierarchy PH'1CsH Relevant to all working within organizations.
  Handling Tensions in Employment Tree PH'1CsHK Relevant to all working within organizations, and Governing Boards.
Work & Its Organisation The Essence of Work n/a   Relevant for all.
  Methods of Managing Subsidiary Typology PH'5QH2t Relevant for all, especially consultants.
  Organising Work to Manage Complexity Spiral PH'5QH2C Relevant for managers
  Structuring Organizations Spiral Hierarchy PH'5QH2 Relevant for managers and employees.
  Accountability Dynamics Tree PH'5QH2K Relevant for middle and senior managers
  Organising Management Structural Hierarchy PH'5QsH2 Relevant for middle and senior managers
  Participation Dynamics Tree PH'5QsH2K Relevant for middle and senior managers

Originally posted: August 2009; Last updated 8-Sep-2014.

All posted material is part of a scientific project and should be regarded as provisional. Visitors are encouraged to think through the topics and propositions for themselves. Copyright © Warren Kinston 2009-2016.
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