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Basic Conceptions


The scientific study that underpins this website was driven by an urge to be of service to people in difficulty, and a belief that ignorance was a major contributor, even the prime cause, of needless problems in projects and human relationships.

The approach is observational, and the style of research is objectivist. This research did not fit into empirical science as conventionally practised within psychology or sociology. It quickly became evident that investigation of personal functioning is unavoidably transdisciplinary.

Initial findings were framework-focused and published in the 1980's and 1990's. Later studies elaborated more frameworks of various sorts, and ultimately enabled their unification. This material has been posted on this website over the past decade.

It may seem surprising, or reflect on my caution, but it has taken a long time to clarify the deeper nature of these taxonomic studies and findings. This foundational work is still in its infancy.

In these opening Topics, I will introduce three conceptions that I now (2015) regard as essential:

Personal functioning
Psychosocial reality

The «mind» turns out to be a purely metaphorical term in the present context; and appears, not surprisingly, to be causing confusion in neuroscience.

Role of the Hub

I call this part of the website, the Hub. It explains the basic conceptions, and centralizes taxonomic principles which have been discovered and developed over several decades.

More comprehensive and speculative formulations are provided in the Architecture Room.

More Introduction

Main Sections of the Hub

Originally posted: May 2010; Last amended: 25-Mar-2016

All posted material is part of a scientific project and should be regarded as provisional. Visitors are encouraged to think through the topics and propositions for themselves. Copyright © Warren Kinston 2009-2016.
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