Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 A rule introduced to ensure that all in a social group know and respect what is due to or from someone in a social setting; so the term embraces duties and related notions like power, privilege, immunity, disability and liability. PH"6-L4
#2 As #1, but restricted to what is due to someone or can be claimed by someone i.e. seen as the counterpart to duty or responsibility. PH"6-L4
#3 A rule, determined by class power, which constrains people’s sense of entitlement and which depends on recognizing special interests and personally applying pressure. sPH"6-G14
#4 The characteristic rule of the social structure. PH"4-L4
#5 What is correct or proper (i.e. the opposite of wrong): the positive deontological injunction defining the abstract focus of ethics.  


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