A general term essential to ethics and social life, but used with a variety of different connotations.

  Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 The requirement to fulfil an obligation. PH"4-L4
#2 The essential supplies to support social being. PH6-L6
#3 Feature of the community-centred and reality-centred mentalities, within the upper right TET quadrant, that contrasts with the selfishness found in kinship-centred and power-centred mentalities in the diagonally opposite quadrant. PH’6-QH4t-2,5,4,7
#4 Accepted by interacting-for-benefit mentalities on the productivity diagonal, and weakened by those on the well-being diagonal. PH’6-QH4t
#5 See: power for «responsible for»  
#6 See: accountability for «responsible to» PH'4-L6
#7 See: obligation for «sense of responsibility»  
#8 See: duties in respect of job or organization sPH"6-G34
#9 See: duty sPH6-G1
#10 See: legal responsibility.  
#11 See: personal responsibility. PH'6CsH-G1
#12 See: social responsibility.  
#13 See: political responsibility.  


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