Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 Re ethical choice: the injunction to be reasonable characterizes the rationalist approach. PH'6-L1
#2 Re society (exercising authority): making judgements in terms of the law. sPH"6-G52
#3 A characteristic quality of principal objects, and hence the required quality of purposes in the fourth internal level of groups required for realizing values in society. sPH6-g4
#4 Quality rejected as weak or irrelevant by the power-centred mentality. PH'6-QH4t2
#5 Quality highly valued by interacting for benefit mentalities on the productivity diagonal. PH'6-QH4t
#6 Re inquiry: investigations associated with the use of concepts and analysis. PH'2-L1
#7 Re decision-making: choices that are explainable in terms of purpose and value. PH'1-L1


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