Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 See: an organization (below).  
#2 Re identity: The stable form of self-expression in social being. PH'4-L6
#3 Re politics, see: the government. sPH6-G61
#4 Re society, see: institution.  
#5 See: social body.  
#6 See also: an enterprise.

An Organization

  Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 Loosely used to refer to any social body.
Syn: association, company, guild, fraternity, syndicate, society, group, centre, agency, trust, club, partnership, movement, institute, commission, order, authority, consortium, federation, tribunal, exchange, collective, foundation, league, party, union.
#2 Often refers to an enterprise—but a movement and an authority also have characteristic organizations.

In referring to an enterprise, often refers to a business—but there are many non-commercial forms.


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