Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 Reduction or removal of dispute or confusion through ranking: a characteristic property of values.  
#2 The absence of chaos and arbitrary interference in society due to individuals adhering to certain rules and ethical authorities and obeying established authorities. sPH"6-G7
#3 Survival need of society met by its members’ identification with the social structure and by the provision of a legal system supporting that structure. PH"4-L4
#4 Essential quality of social interactions in the pluralist mode. PH'6C-φ1
#5 A system of rules.  
#6 An instruction in an organization; or a decision in a court of justice.  
#7 A form of social body.  
#8 See: the ethical order. sPH"6-G71
#9 See: the social order, for a system of values and objectives. sPH6-G71
#10 See: ethical frames of reference. sPH"6-G5


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