Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 Fairness; being in accord with what is rightly due: a notion used in a wide variety of ways as indicated below.  
#2 The ultimate value underpinning adherence to the ethical frames of reference. sPH"6-G5
#3 Fairness in a person: the cardinal virtue arising from the resolution of the common goodindividual autonomy duality when using the legitimist approach to ethical choice. PH'6-L6
#4 Civic virtue that characterizes the legitimist mode in political maturation. PH'6C-φ2
#5 See: natural justice principle for fair play in decisions, sPH"6-G26
#6 See: distributive justice for fair shares of social goods. sPH"6-G35
#7 See: substantive justice for fair judgements. sPH"6-G51
#8 See: formal justice for fair judging procedures. sPH"6-G52
#9 See: divine justice for an outcome in which good triumphs over evil.  


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