Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 Personal freedom or free will or use of willpower that entails personal responsibility for one's actions. sRH-G1
#2 The crucial requirement of the three joint endeavours in society: popular movements, regulatory authorities and executive-led enterprises. These ensure that work serves the values of both society and individuals. sPH6-G5
#3 The ethical disposition which supports adherence to absolutes. PH'6-L6uD
#4 The right of self-government, especially in regard to a sovereign society or organization. PH6-L7
#5 Re society: Acts as the countervailing force to urges for self-protection through submitting to others or to the group. PH’6-QH4t6
#6 Political value required for viable government of a region within a nation-state. L5
#7 An example of an ultimate value.
#8 See: individual autonomy.  


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