A general term essential to order and ethics in social life, but used with a variety of different connotations.

  Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 See: an authority (below) sPH6-G52
#2 Any entity, abstract or constituted, which has legitimate control over the exercise of power in society i.e. which can command or decide or choose or provide purposes or set rules, in a way that ought to influence the views and conduct of others. sPH"6
#3 A form of right which provides the social legitimation to support the carrying out of duties and the exertion of power, either within an organization or in wider society. Cf. duty. sPH"6
#4 An agency, regulatory or service-providing, controlled and funded by government with defined powers (e.g. Education Authority, Planning Authority, Gaming Board) including both its governing body and its executants or employees. sPH"6-L4
#5 In relation to conformity with the ethical frames of reference, qualified as: traditional, rational or religious. sPH"6-G5
#6 The basis of any ethical order and fundamental to the regulation of power and obedience. sPH"6-G7
#7 See: governing body. sPH6-G51
#8 See: ethical authority for abstract or rule-based authority sPH"6
#9 See: established authority for official authority, constituted authority.
#10 See: obligation for inner authority
#11 See: primal authority sPH"6-G1

An Authority

  Reference/Meaning Formula
#1 A form of endeavour, either regulatory by statute or self-regulatory, set up to operate autonomously to preserve existing social values and apply them authoritatively to particular situations. sPH6-G52


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