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Putting THEE into Software


The major benefits of programming THEE could include:

There may also be other potentials in relation to artificial (general) intelligence, the semantic web's need for taxonomies, and commercial possibilities of various sorts.


The Architecture Room is generally about clarifying fundamentals of the taxonomy. It treats THEE as a «scientific object».

Coding is not something I have any expertise in. However, I am sure that the primary requirement in coding THEE within a database and having a usable interface is to grasp what is involved.

Like the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, the taxonomy of human elements is not a simple parent-child structure. In devising any system, it will be essential to ensure that relationships are properly incorporated.

Most of the relevant knowledge and information is provided elsewhere in the Room. This section is specifically about providing additional ideas and information to support the coding effort.

So far, I have provided:

  1. A list of elements with formulae.
  2. Some ideas for the inputs and outputs.

Posted: 9-Jun-2013

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