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Root Q-expansion

The Root (Hierarchy) Q-expansion differs markedly from the Primary Q-Expansion. It's style hierarchy is shown below. See: how this was discovered.

It is not currently known whether there is a Root Typology Q-expansion.

          Harmonizing Action  
        Organizing Action  
        Pursuing Action  
PH'7CH       Directing Willingness RL7  
        Harmonizing Willingness  
        Organizing Willingness  
        Pursuing Willingness  
    PH'6CH   Directing Purpose RL6  
          Harmonizing Purpose  
          Organizing Purpose  
          Pursuing Purpose  
  PH'5CH       Directing Communication RL5  
          Harmonizing Communication  
          Organizing Communication  
          Pursuing Communication  
    PH'4CH   Directing Experience RL4  
          Harmonizing Experience  
          Organizing Experience  
          Pursuing Experience  
  PH'3CH       Directing Change RL3  
          Harmonizing Change  
          Organizing Change  
          Pursuing Change  
    PH'2CH   Directing Inquiry RL2  
          Harmonizing Inquiry  
          Organizing Inquiry  
          Pursuing Inquiry  
  PH'1CH       Directing Action RL1  
          Harmonizing Action  
          Organizing Action  
          Pursuing Action  

Draft posted: 3-Apr-2013

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