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Review of All Emergent Trees


The emergent Tree frameworks have now been presented as forms of willingness-driven mental organization useful in a variety of types of endeavour. These may be activated at times of endeavour breakdown and are geared to fostering a renewal and recovery of the relevant situation.

It also seems that each of these frameworks may be forced into use in ways that overpower a person's natural tendencies, with the potential for abuse or harm.

The Tree frameworks are summarized here for ease of comparison. Links are provided to enable review of the full account. The summaries are organised in a matrix at the bottom of the page.

Tree of All PH-L1s

Overcoming Your Inertia so as to Stop Avoidance and Use Time Well

Why PH-L1s? Because, given so much to do, the necessary pressure is for Performance (from RL1).

Process: The framework assumes you will willingly take small but genuine steps to get things done: and this is about Action-RL1, which drives PH-L1s.

Focus: KL3 because the tasks (L1-purposes) that have been avoided must be made more acceptable.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH5: Communication, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as «Everyman» or, less satisfactorily, as an «Instrument».

Tree of All PH-L2s

Refusing to Give Up so as to Make a Project Succeed and Produce Achievement

Why PH-L2s? Because, given all the doubts about success, the necessary pressure is Certainty (from RL2).

Process: The framework assumes you possess or can get the necessary knowledge and willingly apply genuine know-what and know-how: which is about inquiry-RL2, which drives PH-L2s.

Focus: KL6 because previous endeavours failed and others have given up, specified alterations (L2-change) must be devised and enabled autonomously.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH1: Action, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as a «Leader».

Tree of All PH-L3s

Bypassing Social Resistance so as to Establish Ideas as Sound and Provide Useful Accounts.

Why PH-L3s? Because, given intensity of rejection and disbelief, the necessary pressure is Acceptability (from RL3).

Process: The framework assumes you are prepared to consider the feelings and views of others, and make a genuine and willing adaptation: which is about Change-RL3, which drives PH-L3s.

Focus: KL7 because significance (L3-communication) of key factors, previously ignored out of self-interest (yours or others) or rejected as irrelevant due to biases (yours or others), must be recognized and respected selflessly.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH7: Willingness, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as a «Messenger».

Tree of All PH-L4s

Reducing Intra-Group Conflict so as to Restore Social Harmony and Sustain Group Cohesion

Why PH-L4s? Because, given all the discord and bruised feelings, the necessary pressure is Well-Being (from RL4).

Process:  The framework assumes that group members willingly tolerate inner discomfort due to their genuine differences: Experience-RL4, which drives PH-L4s.

Focus: KL1 because responses drawn from repertoires (L4-action) of rival sub-groups, previously timed to provoke, must now be relied upon to be used at the right time to prevent flare-ups and contribute to a restoration of harmony.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH2: Inquiry, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as a «Diplomat».
Not «politician», because that label emphasizes the exercise of power and possibly implies self-seeking behaviour.

Tree of All PH-L5s

Resolving Interpersonal Differences so as to Affirm a Solid Bond and Handle Close Relationships.

Why PH-L5s? Because, given all the misunderstanding, the necessary pressure is Understanding (from RL5).

Process: The framework assumes willing conversations and genuine dialogue about what the relationship entails: Communication-RL5, which drives PH-L5s.

Focus: KL2 because intuitions (L5-experience) that were previously neglected or misconstrued must now be developed and applied with certainty and confidence.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH4: Experience, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as a «Partner».

Tree of All PH-L6s

Asserting Your Expectations so as to Design Better Arrangements and Work for Another

Why PH-L6s? Because, given all the intrusions and changing constraints, the necessary pressure is Autonomy (from RL6).

Process: The framework depends on genuinely and willingly acknowledging values that need to exist in the context of work: Purpose-RL6, which drives PH-L6s.

Focus: KL5 because judgements (L6-inquiry) previously interfered with, correctly or incorrectly, must now be made with more understanding.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH6: Purpose, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as an «Organiser».
Note that the organiser is not necessarily the leader.

Tree of All PH-L7s

Allowing Self Recovery so as to Repair Psychic Damage and Maintain Personal Equilibrium

Why PH-L7s? Because, given the disintegration and dysfunction of the self, the necessary pressure is Selflessness (from RL7).

Process: The framework depends on a genuine and willing exploration of the unknown within your psyche: Willingness-RL7, which drives PH-L7s.

Focus: KL4 because trusting (L7-willingness) has been undermined by paranoia and depression, and recovery depends on trusting providing a sense of well-being.

Emerges from oD reversal of PH3: Change, but Closed why?

Framework Application: You as a «Character».
The issue here is your constructed uniqueness.

Matrix Summary

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Tree Centres
Originating PH
Necessary Pressure Special
Resolution Process Your Role Special Mechanism
Selflessness KL4: Willingness-L7
Trust must lead to more well-being.
Genuine Exploration
You as a Character Reflection
(Selflessness via Selflessness)
Asserting Your Expectations
Autonomy KL5: Inquiry-L6
Judgements must show more understanding.
You as an Organiser Promises (Autonomy via Autonomy)
Resolving Interpersonal Differences
Understanding KL2: Experience-L5
Intuitions must flow from more certainty.
Genuine Dialogue
You as a Partner Insight (Understanding via Understanding)
Reducing Intra-Group Conflict
Well-being KL1: Action-L4
Repertoires must enable better performance.
You as a
(Well-being via Well-being)
Bypassing Social Resistance
Acceptability KL7: Communication-L3
Significance must ensure more selflessness.
You as a
(Acceptability via Acceptability)
Refusing to
Give Up
Certainty KL6: Change-L2
Alterations must flow from more autonomy.
You as a Leader Vision
(Certainty via Certainty)
Your Inertia
Performance KL3: Purpose-L1
Tasks must have
more acceptability.
You as
(Performance via Performance)

Further Notes

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