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Primary Hierarchy is Unique

From a survey of other hierarchies, it appears that significant reversal of the oscillating duality only occurs in the 7 Primary Hierarchies. This is therefore a unique quality.

The 7 Primary Hierarchies appear to contain the irreducible elements of the taxonomy. Outside the Root Complex, all other hierarchical frameworks derive from these, either as the structural hierarchy and mostly via the Principal Typology. So all levels in these other frameworks refer to complicated functions/entities. Perhaps that is why reversal of oscillation is impossible.

The Root Hierarchy-RH possibly permits reversal but without generating any change in the nature of the levels. However, an RH level is more like a «realm» than an element, because each contains (or can emanate) a Primary Hierarchy.

See the full system of 49 reversals arranged by PH.
See more detail in Graphic Representation.


Each level in each Primary Hierarchy appears to allow the oscillating duality pole to be reversed. Given there are 7 hierarchies with 7 levels each, 49 distinct occasions of reversal were sought and identified.

Although some of the explanations and examples are weaker than others, due to uncertainties about the Primary Hierarchy level or its oscillation, a pattern seems to be definitely present.

The quality of the reversal possibly differs from hierarchy to hierarchy and possibly from level to level in one hierarchy. But the process is not understood yet and its nature is not clear.Although no pattern or relevance was immediately evident, further investigation of the conditions or occasions of reversal is indicated.

A general pattern was revealed that accorded with the original surmise in Communication-PH5:

However, there are now additional findings:

  Level in
Original PH
Primary Hierarchy
  L7 PH5: Communication
  L6 PH3: Change
  L5 PH2: Inquiry
  L4 PH7: Willingness
  L3 PH6: Purpose
  L2 PH4: Experience
  L1 PH1: Action

Another pattern was also revealed:

  All Levels in the
Original Primary H
Level in
Target PHs
  PH7: Willingness L3
  PH6: Purpose L6
  PH5: Communication L1
  PH4: Experience L5
  PH3: Change L7
  PH2: Inquiry L4
  PH1: Action L2

Next Steps

The 49 unique reversals appear to involve 49 different situations, each with their own significance. Nothing further will be said at this point.

Understanding an oscillating duality depends on understanding the underlying THEE hierarchy. Generalizations were not evident from this study, however, some speculations are offered here.

However, because the 7 levels in a Primary Hierarchy always convert to the same level, it seems possible, even likely, that each Primary Hierarchy might convert as a whole. In exploring this possibility, some significant findings emerged.

Last Draft: 10-May-2013

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