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Significance of Total Reversal

Root-based Emergent Hierarchies

Whereas one level alone may have a duality reversal due to circumstances or personal intentions, it is possible that a situation might exist where the whole Primary Hierarchy is converted. In that case there would be a new hierarchy.

The emergent hierarchy obviously cannot be another Primary Hierarchy—because each of its 7 levels comes from an pre-existing Primary Hierarchies. However, Primary Hierarchies are emanated by Levels in the Root Hierarchy. So each converted level can be viewed as an element within a Root Hierarchy level. The ordering of Root Levels of the emergent hierarchy will be a transformation from the usual Root Hierarchy ordering.

If a total conversion is possible through some effort, the result should exist as a dynamic structure, which in THEE is a Tree. The crucial issue in developing this structure is identifying the dynamic duality.

The other architectural possibilityClosed is a structural hierarchy, but its exploration must await initial clarification of the principles at work here, and the Trees that emerge.

Reversed Dynamic Duality

In a Primary Hierarchy, the dynamic duality appears to be some variant of Personal v Situational e.g. individual v group, psychological v social, private v public, specific v general, emotional v logical, system v environment.

The personal pole dominates at L3 close to what is tangible and practical, while the situational pole dominates at L5 and L6 which is context-setting and shapes actualities.

However, reversal of the oscillating duality requires personal effort (i.e. creative determination and motivation). So it is likely that the dynamic duality will also reverse.

This means that the personal pole dominates at L5 and L6 where the context is set and actualities are shaped, leaving the social or situational pole to dominate at L3 close to what is tangible and practical.

Here is a diagram showing this process with P = Personal, and S = Situational. Note that every Primary Hierarchy (PH) produces the same transformation of the Root Hierarchy (RH).

PH•L Original
PH Tree
  Root-L (from PH)

on Reversal
RH Tree
7 RL5-Communication 7
6 RL3-Change 6
5 RL2-Inquiry 5
4 RL7-Willingness 4
3 RL6-Purpose 3
2 RL4-Experience 2
1 RL1-Action 1

The seven primary hierarchies can now be taken in turn assuming that the oscillating polarity of all 7 levels have been simultaneously converted resulting in an emergent hierarchy.

Last Draft: 10-May-2013

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