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Oscillating Dualities

What is Oscillation?

In all THEE hierarchies, the odd and even Levels take up polar opposite positions on some essential aspect of the phenomenon being handled. This is called the «oscillating duality».

Although usually easy to identify, the oscillation is poorly understood. One likely function is to ensure that the Levels do not merge diffusely into each other as part of a continuum, but exhibit a sharp discontinuities.

There are practical benefits too e.g.Closed you can change the quality of a communication by shifting from one Level to another e.g. you can show politeness by giving a subtle indication-L3 rather than a blunt signal-L2.

Forced Reversal

This section examines a recent finding: the «forced reversal» of the oscillating duality. It was initially discovered during development of the Primary Hierarchy of Communication (PH5): see details.

Is it possible to take an element that «naturally» exhibits one pole of any duality and force it to manifest the polar opposite?  If something is other than its nature, then it is surely not quite itself anymore. That is exactly what was found here: the function changes and, in THEE, function defines the identity of an element.

The challenge now is to investigate this finding and learn more about its taxonomic and practical significance (if any).

Proposition: If you make a deliberate effort to alter the natural pole of any element, or if circumstances conspire to that end, then the result will be a shift away from the original element as the primary psychosocial focus. No judgement is made as to whether or not such a shift of focus is worthwhile. (That would be a matter for those in the situation.)

The Inquiry

In order to investigate this proposition, the following questions need answers:

I will consider the oscillating duality in a sample of well-validated Typologies, Spiral hierarchies and Structural hierarchies, plus the Root.

Preconception:Closed  I do not expect forced reversal to make sense in general.

I will examine the oscillating duality in all 7 Primary Hierarchies, revisiting Communication-PH5 in more detail, and offering provisional conjectures in other hierarchies not yet fully validated.

Preconception:Closed I do expect forced reversal to apply to all because of the principle that the main structural forms are homologous. Also, I had also half-noticed it during previous inquiries.

This will depend upon the findings in the present investigation.

Preconception:Closed None.


Initial draft:  2-May-2013

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