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What's Going On in the TOP Studio

Topic refers to a webpage that is accessible via a Table of Contents entry. The same term with a small "t", i.e. topic, refers to an item of interest.

Read This First

■ The TOP Studio consists of a number of "Rooms" where various taxonomy projects are under development. These are explained below briefly.

■ The TOP Studio is updated regularly, usually weekly. The last posting date is at the bottom of this page. The date shown at the bottom of a Topic tells you when that Topic was last altered.

■ To get the best out of the TOP website, visit the Guide to Search. Note that using the Table of Contents Search within a Room may be restricted to that Room.

Hyperlinks may take you out of your Room to another Room or to a formally posted Topic within the Hub or Satellites. Because you only access the Topic, there are no visible breadcrumbs. If you want to explore that Topic via its Table of Contents, then you will need to open a separate browser window and navigate there via the Explore THEE menu. (If you don't know where your Topic is, paste a relevant phrase into the Search field—be sure to enclose it in double quotation marks.)

■ Your Comments are valued. However, once a comment has been absorbed (and possibly acted upon), it may become irrelevant and be removed. Comments with replies that illuminate an issue will likely remain posted.

Studio Rooms

Last Updated: 31-Mar-2014

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